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1. Commenting

1. a) We will tolerate all comments on articles, pages and social media unless they are: intolerant of others’ views, personal and irrelevant attacks on individuals, or off-topic/red herring/logically fallacious responses.

1. b) We will try our best to remain as unbiased as possible when dealing with comment moderation. If you believe that we are not moderating comments fairly, please feel free to contact us with your feedback.

1. c) We will try our best to keep on top of comments moderation, but please bare in mind the workload we deal with on a daily basis.

1. d) We generally advise users to keep comments relevant, productive & informative.

2. Publishing

2. a) All articles written by non-Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau staff do not necessarily reflect views of our own.

2. b) Opinion pieces are selected and published according to whether or not we believe that they productively contribute to ongoing discussions on globalisation. If you believe that our opinion pieces are unproductive, please feel free to contact us as per the instructions in section 1. b).

3. Membership

3. a) Please see our privacy policy.

4. Donations

4. a) All sponsorships and one-time-payments made through our donations page go towards general business maintenance costs. These costs include, but are not limited to: website maintenance, staff salaries, work-related travel, events, company registration & administration, office rent, stationery, marketing & SEO and, finally, accounting.

4. Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to our terms of use.

Last modification was made on 05/May/2021.