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Thank you for taking an interest in submitting a contribution to our website. We are keen to read and share your insights as an expert contributor on Arab societies. Your piece will go through three editorial rounds. In each round, we will share our thoughts and work with you to ensure the piece meets our editorial standards for publication.

Round one: registration

The first round will introduce you to working with us and registering yourself on our website. Please send a short biography and professional photograph to: [email protected]. This will constitute your author page for readers to learn about you as a credible commentator on Arab affairs.

You will need to register on our website, Please read our privacy policy; we use registrar data in compliance with European GDPR laws.

Written pieces are submitted on an ad-hoc basis; the number and frequency of written contributions is up to you. We prioritise accurate content over the speed and quantity of publications. We therefore expect that you will have at least one of the following:

  1. An academic background in social sciences, political sciences, history, economics, sociology, Middle Eastern Studies, Arabic or theology.
  2. Working experience in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) targeting donor Arab countries.
  3. Previous written publications on Arab society, history, politics, economics or theology.

Round two: write-up

The second round will focus primarily on the contents of your contribution, please email your contribution as a Word document attachment to us for review at [email protected] with “Editorial Pitch” as your subject line.

We will critically examine the coherence of your argument, and where your argument is not clear, we will ask for clarification. We value content that is accessible to our readers, who are usually university students, researchers and non-governmental organisation (NGO) project managers.

We often edit to improve grammar, prose, and structure to make academic contributions read like a brief and elegant analysis. The aim is for a piece of writing that is 750 words (excluding any bibliography) and displays academic rigour with journalistic flair.

Your article should also address one of our three current focus topics for Arab societies:

  1. Armed conflict resolution and prevention in Arab societies.
  2. Social justice in Arab societies.
  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) management in Arab societies.

The objective of your article should be to identify problems and/or solutions relating to the above topics in a way that can be used by researchers and policymakers who have a vested interest in implementing change across Arab societies. Please refer to our values for more information.

Round three: final edits

The third phase focuses on style and referencing; at this stage, you will receive comments and suggestion where references are lacking. Upon receiving a revised version, we will ask you to consent to all our edits before uploading the publication on our website.

Website submissions are then advertised on our social media platforms, and we also encourage you to circulate your submission with your own professional network. Occasionally, other research outlets ask to syndicate written contributions to their respective websites; if such a request is made, we will inform you to consent or disagree at your own discretion.

Common issues

Some common issues which delay the editorial process include, but are not limited to, the following:

Passive voice: refrain from using the passive voice. Although appropriate in some instances, its usage often impairs writing and prose.

Referencing style: we prefer Oxford-style citations, but will also accept, in lieu, hyperlinks that link your work to the source from which you received your information. The use of peer-reviewed papers is preferred. If referencing websites, please avoid citing Wikipedia, BBC, Al Jazeera, Fox News, conspiracy theory websites (such as Infowars), or similar outlets.

Long paragraphs: a paragraph should discuss a single idea to avoid becoming unclear and ambiguous. Please keep paragraphs short and succinct.

Simple language: please refrain from using overly-academic or emotive language when the argument can be articulated in a simple and objective way.

Capitalisation: make sure that nouns and formal titles (such as President or Dr) are capitalised.

Acronyms & abbreviations: when introducing these, spell it out in full the first time, followed by the abbreviation in brackets. You may continue to use the abbreviation after this.

Numbers: please spell out whole numbers below 10 with letters (for example one, two, etc.). Decimal numbers below 10 and all numbers from 10 and above should be written with digits (for example 1.5, 2.5, 10, 15, etc.).

Specificity: be as specific as possible in your writing and back up assertions with evidence. Avoid making logical assumptions and subtle generalisations.

British English: as we are a UK-based organisation, please use the correct British spellings and terminology, i.e.:

  1. “specialise” (as opposed to specialize);
  2. “colour” (as opposed to color);
  3. “aeroplane” (as opposed to airplane);
  4. “sceptic” (as opposed to skeptic), and so on.

Technical terms: please view our glossary of key terms (such as autocracy, democracy, Islamism, etc.) to understand how the technical terms you use will be interpreted by ARAB and its readers. If you believe that your understanding of these terms does not align with our expectations, please contact us.

Please refer to the University of Oxford style guide for all other advice, including the use of numbers and punctuation.


  • Length: 750 words excluding any bibliography.
  • Style: semi-academic, logical, well-explained, clear and concise.
  • Language: British English.
  • Referencing style: either Oxford Referencing or hyperlinks.
  • Theme: either armed conflict resolution and prevention, social justice or COVID-19 management in Arab societies.
  • Objective: to identify precise issues and/or solutions relating to any of the above themes.

Content ownership & liability

Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau (ARAB) owns all content that is published by others on our website. However, views that you express in your article may not necessarily reflect views held by ARAB. Please refer to our privacy policy and terms of use for more information.

We reserve the right to make changes to our publication terms. The last change was made on 25/May/2021.

For general queries, please message us using our online contact form.