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Arab population by country – data, charts and highlights.

How is population calculated?

Population censuses are typically carried out every 10 years, where population numbers are calculated according to birth and death certificates, as well as migration enrolment data, amongst other forms of national surveys. The population size is therefore calculated – on a 10-yearly basis – as births minus deaths plus net immigration.

Yearly population is then calculated by factoring in estimated population changes for each year across a 10 year period. Population data for a given year is thus the projected population size for the 1st of January of that year.

Population data can be useful when trying to gauge the potential combined workforce of a nation, but this information should be viewed alongside age group demographic breakdowns and population density statistics for a true understanding of a nation’s potential labour capacity.

Arab world population

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Western Sahara

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Population by country data does not take into account land mass, population density or population distribution.