GDP by Country

Arab GDP by country – data, charts and highlights.

What is GDP?

GDP stands for ‘gross domestic product’. It is a sum – typically in US dollars – of a country’s consumption, investment, government expenditure and net income from exports minus imports.

The final sum is essentially a monetary valuation of a country’s total internal economy: a final assessment of the total amount of money in circulation in a country.

Whilst advance GDP calculations may factor in figures for black market and other unaccounted transactions, annual GDP numbers do not consider historic debts owed between countries. This is particularly problematic when trying to assess the true monetary prowess of historic African colonies whose financial liabilities are not incorporated in Eurocentric GDP calculations.

Arab world GDP

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Highest GDP

$ 0 bn
Saudi Arabia

Lowest GDP

$ 0 bn

Data Usage

GDP by country data does not take into account total population size, national debt, or income equality and distribution.