Anisa Abeytia

Anisa Abeytia is a research and policy professional with a background in humanitarian diplomacy. She worked with the US Congress, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department to help shape US-Syria policy with a focus on immigration. Anisa regularly presents published research in international fora, most recently at the University of Cambridge. Her various publications include policy briefs for UNESCO and The Hill. Anisa is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Global Research Network’s think tank on War, Conflict and Global Migration and holds a Master’s from Stanford University in Literary Theory with a focus on postcolonial and feminist theory.

The Syrian artist who paints on death

Akram Abo Alfoz, an artist living under siege in Ghouta, creates inspiration as he transforms the medium destroying his city into a vehicle of hope. His work speaks optimism in a language that transcends speech.

Western colonialism’s continued compromise of Arab democracy

The British made promises to the Arabs but, after the fall of the Ottomans, European promises vanished like a mirage. Instead, they filled the Ottoman power vacuum with the British mandate. There would be no democracy in the Middle East.