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Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau is an independent, online resource featuring content from experts on Arab societies. Our small team of political scientists holds several degrees from elite universities, including the University of Oxford.

Our team also has over 80 years of combined experience that includes analytical and advisory work at Google, US Congress and UK House of Lords. As experts, we are passionate about Arab world interdisciplinary analysis.

We understand the Arab world’s underlying dynamics from historic, political and economic perspectives, and are committed to providing you with high-quality research and demographic data that reflect this understanding.

مكتب البحوث والدعم العربي هو مصدر مستقل على الإنترنت، يضم محتوى متميز لمجموعة من الخبراء في شؤون المجتمعات العربية. يضم فريقنا الصغير عددًا من الخبراء والباحثين السياسيين الحاصلين على درجات علمية رفيعة من جامعات عالمية مرموقة منها جامعة أكسفورد.

كما يتمتع فريقنا بأكثر من 80 عامًا من الخبرة، التي تشمل العمل التحليلي والبحثي والاستشاري في شركة Google والكونجرس الأمريكي ومجلس اللوردات البريطاني البرلمان البريطاني. فنحن فريق من الخبراء الشغوفين بالتحليل والبحث في تخصصات متشعبة في العالم العربي.

كما أن لدينا فهم عميق لديناميكيات العالم العربي الكامنة، من منظور تاريخي وسياسي واقتصادي، ونحن ملتزمون بدعمك وتزويدك بأبحاث وتقارير عالية الجودة تعكس هذا الفهم.

Bureau de Recherche et de Support Arabe est une ressource en ligne indépendante présentant le contenu d’experts sur les sociétés arabes. Notre petite équipe de politologues détient plusieurs diplômes d’universités d’élite, dont l’Université d’Oxford.

Notre équipe possède également plus de 80 ans d’expérience combinée, notamment dans les secteurs de l’analyse et du conseil chez Google, au Congrès américain et à la Chambre Haute du Parlement au Royaume-Uni. En tant qu’experts, nous sommes passionnés par l’analyse interdisciplinaire du monde arabe.

Nous comprenons la dynamique sous-jacente du monde arabe du point de vue historique, politique et économique, et nous nous engageons à vous fournir des recherches et des données démographiques de haute qualité qui reflètent cette compréhension.


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Dr Florence Gaub - Deputy Director, European Union Institute of Strategic Studies
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In foresight, humans are the trickiest element to understand. It gets even harder to understand a generation - Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau helps us bring some light into the complexity of a regional generation whose mindset will determine the future more than anything else.
Dr Keith Kahn-Harris - Honorary Research Fellow, Birkeck, University of London
United Kingdom
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Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau is a great initiative, bringing next-generation analysis and discussion of the Arab world and its diaspora. Culture, religion, politics, sport and much else! Please join and support Arab Bureau, and share its work!
Kholoud 'Kay' Tarapolsi - Founder, A Crafty Arab
United States
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ARAB also does a tremendous service to the Arab arts community, bringing artists and arts administrators into an active dialogue with audiences, both of whom are too often frequently omitted from the conversation.
Dr Nicolai Due-Gundersen - Political Commentator, CGTN America
United Kingdom
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Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau is an engaging NGO that focuses on contemporary socioeconomic issues affecting the Arab world and Arab youth worldwide. I particularly engage with their Twitter posts and polls on contemporary issues.
Dr James M. Dorsey - Senior Fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Read More
Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau makes a valuable contribution to understanding fundamental issues underlying the Middle East and North Africa's multiple conflicts and structural issues.
Talha Ghannam - Founder & CEO, Quran Club
United Kingdom
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Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau provide unique, valuable & inclusive analysis that takes into account interfaith issues and their impact on Arab social developments.
Laila Duaibes - Fundraising Manager, ActionAid Palestine
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I believe we are in need of a website like with some different angles of insight and perspective that breakdown Eurocentric narratives of Arab society. Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau therefore provide meaningful and relevant content.
Julian Bond - Interfaith Ambassador
United Kingdom
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Arab Research & Advocacy Bureau are good people to work with. Thank you for publishing my piece on multi-ethnic dialogue on your website.